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About IntaCapital Swiss, Bank and Bank Guarantees

IntaCapital Swiss SA is a boutique finance company head-quartered in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland and with representation world-wide.

About IntaCapital Swiss, Bank and Bank Guarantees

IntaCapital Swiss (ICS) , is playing a crucial role in todays declining credit markets, and whilst banks and other financial institutions are making access to credit more and more difficult, ICS are making the access to loans and credit lines, referred to as Credit Guarantee Facilities, easier and easier. IntaCapital Swiss have design a highly popular financial model, The Collateral Transfer or C/T Facility, which utilises Demand Bank Guarantees, that enables clients to access Credit Guarantee Facilities.

As with all unique products, IntaCapital Swiss has to work hand in hand with three other banks all of which are essential to successfully access Credit Guarantee Facilities. The first two banks, the Issuing Bank and the Correspondent Bank are responsible for issuing Bank Guarantees, and the third bank, the Receiving Bank is responsible for applying the Bank Guarantee to the Beneficiary’s account.

Many receiving banks, despite having Bank Guarantees offered up by the Beneficiary as security for loan or credit line applications, reject these applications on a regular basis. The reasons are myriad, but at the forefront the main three are, the perceived value of the Bank Guarantee, the relationship between the Beneficiary and their banker, strict compliance and credit guidelines and finally a lack of turnover on the account. Banks today can go even further and deny the Beneficiary the opportunity to receive the Bank Guarantee.

Financial problems such as the above are not unique in today’s financial markets, what is unique are the banking products and C/T Facilities designed by IntaCapital Swiss that alleviate these problems and are bullet pointed below,

  1. An Investment Grade Bank, where the client can open a bank account.
  2. The provision of Safe Custody Facilities to receive a Bank guarantee
  3. Access to credit liners and loan facilities utilising the C/T Facility.
  4. The above subject to due diligence.

ICS continues to prove that they are continually one step ahead in today’s tight credit markets, and with their innovative banking product, used in conjunction with the Collateral Transfer or C/T Facility, has turned rejection into acceptance for many clients.