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How do Companies Raise Lines of Credit?

In the past banks took care of their clients, whether they were large, medium or small sized companies. Unfortunately, today that is not the case as some medium and mostly smaller sized companies have been abandoned. Why? The interest on loans are not profitable enough and bigger profits can be obtained elsewhere. 

So here we are in our third lockdown with all the attendant Brexit problems. Research shows companies are being turned down for credit lines left, right and centre. If you are one of those companies and looking for an alternative, here’s the good news… “Lines of credit are available”! 

How to Obtain a Line of Credit

To many, obtaining a line of credit will seem impossible. Even if banks were interested, their outrageous demands for security negates any hopes. But all is not lost. There is a financial instrument that can be leased that could solve your problems, the Demand Bank Guarantee

This financial instrument believe it or not will save your financial bacon. Utilising a Demand Bank Guarantee to obtain a line of credit is not new – it has been going on for years. So how does it work? First you lease a Demand Bank Guarantee. Second, you apply to a lender for a credit line. Third, you offer the Guarantee as security. The Demand Bank Guarantee totally secures any lender. In order to facilitate this financial instrument, sourcing reputable companies such as IntaCapital Swiss who are experts within this field, would be your first port of call. 

IntaCapital Swiss 

IntaCapital Swiss are experts in arranging access to credit lines and utilise an amazing product, The Collateral Transfer Facility. This allows companies to lease a Demand Bank Guarantee, which then can be used as collateral to raise a credit line. 

But what if the bank refuses a credit line loan despite the collateral? No problem. IntaCapital Swiss have a database of third-party lenders who may offer a credit line against a Demand Bank Guarantee. 

So there you have it. Your passport to financial freedom. You will be able to see out the lockdown and rebuild your business. Don’t delay. Learn about Demand Bank Guarantees today.